Line Up


Pigs Might Fly's line up may consist of:


Top Line: fiddle (Sarah Ridout), flute (Jacqueline Turner) .  The talent of these musicians is obvious, not only providing the main melody but counter melodies slipping seamlessly into the mix.




Middle Line: accordian (Mark Norman), and mandozouki (Iain Baines).  The all important upbeat and "fill" to the sound, the middle line can either aid the bottom or top lines to enhance the feel and drive of the tune.



Bottom Line: keyboard (Ian Purnell), giving solid good dance rhythms. Bringing up the very bottum in both height and sound is Mae Wong on Drums

Caller: Richard Mason, who will lead novice and experienced dancers alike through dances for all occasions and abilities with a unique style and sense of humour.


Low Down

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Low Down




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