Back in the mists of time, a few students from Exeter University Folk Dance Society decided that rather than just dancing they would like to play the music instead.  Initially they armed themselves with some folk dance tune books and an empty practise room and Sunday afternoons had a new activity.  They soon discovered that they enjoyed the jigs and reels and set about arranging them in there own way.



The first couple of dances they played for were Folk Dance Society evenings but soon they had their first gig with resident caller Richard Mason.

As time passed the line up changed with the comings and goings of the university academic year, but as students settled in the area after graduating the line up has become what it is today: flute, recorder, accordians, guitar, mandozouki, fiddles, keyboard and drums. This line-up of instruments, together with the broad mindedness of the musicians to combine different musical styles and influences, produces a good dance beat that is enjoyed by all.

At the end of 2012 the Several members decided that it was time to grow up and do the sort of things that adults do (or so we are told) getting married, moving to foreign countries and having families.  Jo, Moira, Julie and Sue have entered the adult world, but we will still see them for guest aperences.  The sound may change, but the enthusiasm still rock on.










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